Wholesale Orders

Afropacific currently supplies baskets to gift shops; art galleries; fashion boutiques; homeware outlets; garden centres; childcare centres; fruit and vegetable shops; organic food outlets; health food shops and market stalls internationally. Baskets can be delivered between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, pre-shaped and ready to sell at a standard delivery fee of $20. Pre-shaping is a free service provided to local deliveries.
Australia and worldwide wholesale orders are welcome with freight costs to be advised according to location. Baskets are generally shipped unshaped or "flat packed". This helps reduce the bulkiness of the baskets, allowing them to be stacked on top of each other, thus making it possible to fit more in a sack/box to reduce freight costs. Wetting the baskets to reshape them into their original form enhances the appearance of the baskets and boosts sales.
For any wholesale enquiries, please contact us.